Fourteen (count ’em) wineries make up the Wineries of Highway 46 East wine trail. Some of my regulars are counted in the number, including Brochelle, Robert Hall, Eberle, and Tobin James.  This is one of the larger wine trails, and some of the tasting rooms are located close to wineries that are on other wine trails. For example, the Brochelle tasting room, although not on the Union Road Wine Trail, is located next door to Hug Cellars, which is.  You’ll definitely end up overlapping on this one! More for you!

These wineries are located more or less off of Hwy. 46, all east of the Hwy. 101 intersection.  If you’re driving in from Vegas or other points south or east on the 46, these are the wineries that you’ll run into first.

Wineries of Highway 46 East

Bianchi Winery and Tasting Room

Mitchella Vineyard & Winery

Brochelle Vineyards

Robert Hall Winery

Broken Earth Winery

Rockin R Winery

Cellar 360/Meridian Vineyards

San Antonio Winery

Eberle Winery

Tobin James Cellars

Eos Estate Winery

Villa San-Juliette Vineyard & Winery

Le Vigne Winery

Vina Robles



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