While my muse wine of choice is chilling in the fridge (a D’Autrefois Pinot Noir Rosé ), I’m finally downloading the footage from the video camera into the laptop so that I can start posting away.  What to expect?

The Wineaux Guy and I did some reviews of Zinfandels and other wines while there, and we did one-minute commentaries on the various Zins that we tasted at the Grand Tasting.  But the most memorable part of this is the hat.

Rod (Wineaux Guy) and my good friend Don are both Mad Hatters.  Just like I will purchase a book at the drop of a, well, *hat,* they will buy hats without the slightest hesitation.  The hat was an instant hit with all of our friends up there, and I know that you will enjoy his expertise in the wine reviews.

So stay tuned for the videos to come.  There was a lot of footage taken over the weekend, and there will loads to share (and to cut, edit, review, blah blah blah)!

By the way, ignore my chins in the videos.  They will be much reduced by the middle of summer, I promise. 🙂

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