The Zin Fest in Paso Robles was an incredible weekend of food, wine, and fun.  And I mean FUN!

After a quiet Friday evening, we visited several wineries, but ended up spending most of the day and early afternoon at Hug Cellars.  It wasn’t just because of the wines – although that had a lot to do with it – but it was because of the Wild Game BBQ that Augie hosted.  So it was our stomachs that made the decision for us.

What a shock, right?

With that being said, there were lots of activities that entire weekend with the different wineries which we had to miss.  However, it was not all about food.  It was also about reviewing some of the wines in the Spring shipment of the Hug Cellars Wine Club (Club Hug).

Oh man. What a treat!

Rather than go on and on about how wonderful the wines were, just watch the videos!  There was enough footage to make a mini-movie, but unfortunately, YouTube is pretty strict about the whole ten-minute thing.

The first three videos all take place at Hug Cellars where we taste the wines, pair the wines with the food, and find out what a “mystery” wine was.  Lots of tape on the cutting room floor!

Zin Festival Fun – Tasting at Hug Cellars Pt. 1

Zin Festival Fun – Tasting at Hug Cellars Pt. 2

Mystery Wine Revealed! – Tasting at Hug Cellars Pt. 3

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