2013 Olema Chardonnay – Sonoma County


I love a great value. When Olema shared this wine with me, I was thrilled to receive it.  As I note in the video below, this is not only a good value, but it’s also a good wine. It’s $15.00 from the winery. What.

Olema is the second label of Amici Cellars. Amici-labelled Chardonnay is a single vineyard wine, while the Olema is a blend of vineyards from two of my favorite Chardonnay/Pinot Noir regions, Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley.

Bottle_Olema_Chardonnay_NoVintage_newAs it turned out, when I went to view the information about the vintage from the winemaker, 50% of the wine had been fermented in new French oak. I stated in the video that although oak was obviously there, it must be neutral oak. Kudos to the winemaker for such a deft touch and avoiding the buttery overoaked character so often seen in Chardonnays developed in new oak. Quite a surprise to me which has made the wine even more enjoyable.

This wine is available at Total Wine. Enjoy the video!

By the way – my chicken dish was awesome! If I **ahem** do say so myself!



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