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What’s Coming Soon!

Of course, there are some wines that are made to be horrific on purpose, and I don't mind slamming them. With enthusiasm.

Sometimes You Just Want a Glass of Wine

As I noted earlier, I didn't need something from the I-Can't-Believe-I-Spent-That-Much-For-A-Bottle-Of-Wine cooler. So the Hahn Pinot fit the bill perfectly.

Paso Robles CAB Collective (PRCC) Wine Trail

They have come together to show that Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon is now a force in the wine world, and they are going to be its evangelists.

Going to “Wine Country”

In between there will be roaming the California coast from Santa Barbara to Solvang, Paso Robles to Monterey. My cameras and notepads are at the ready, and I'm jonesing for adventure.

When the Wine You Hate is the Wine You Love

I remember enjoying it because it came out of a bottle that had a cork and wasn’t cloyingly sweet. It was a real wine, and I never drank the Strawberry Hill again.

Drugstore Wine, Screwcap Corkscrew, Chinese Merlot

There were no smiles, just puzzled, furrowed brows. Except for mine, of course. I had a barely-contained evil grin.