A few years ago, The Wineaux Guy wrote a post on our adventures in Arizona when he returned a tribal relic to its proper, legitimate owners. Life Lessons from the Snake Rock was written the year after the beginning of the pandemic, and considering what we knew then, it was a little nerve-wracking to travel. But we powered on and had a happy conclusion.

My last adventure covered two days, and once again, I got to learn about the history of some First Nations peoples (I love the Canadian phrase) and was richer because of it. Well, except for the twenty-buck “donation” I left at the casino, but whatever.

The Reason

Nacho, Nemesis of Peaches and Angel

I’ve been babysitting my granddaughter’s cat for nearly two years. It was time for him to go. Not because he’s a bad cat, but because he’s a young, active, somewhat crazy male, and my two elderly girls (Peaches, 15-ish, and Angel, about 12) couldn’t tolerate his play drive and mischief. Since Peaches was declawed when I adopted her, she had no way of defending herself from his rambunctiousness.

Zach to the rescue.

But he lives in Colorado. Which meant a drive. It turned out to be a drive from hell, even though I love road-tripping.

The wine-related part of this post is the six bottles I chose for Zach to enjoy, including RiverBench and Vines on the Marycrest. The southwest of Colorado is a “wine desert,” he told me. He wasn’t wrong, at least not for the everyday person. Colorado is known for beer, and there’s only one small winery nearby.

Four Corners Badge

Four Corners

Let’s go to the purpose of this post. While the drive was much longer than it should have been (thanks, Siri), the scenery was stunning and impossible to photograph while driving. The turnouts occurred only in areas where the pretty scenery was either very far away or nonexistent. My camera was my iPhone, and I didn’t have a telephoto lens to fall back on.

But then there was the Four Corners Monument. It is the place where four states’ borders meet. Those states are Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. And OF COURSE I stood on the metal badge designating the meeting point of all four states.

It was awesome.

I geek out over history and artifacts. I didn’t stay as long as I would have liked because Nacho, the reason for the trip, was in the car. I had the windows cracked, and it was quite windy and surprisingly cool, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I don’t leave living beings unattended in vehicles.

I talked to a few random people and checked out the Navajo artisans before I left. Enjoy the photos and the terrific video I found on YouTube.

Coming next on Part Two: A Casino in Colorado



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