Grieving Angels
Grieving Angel

You all know – even if not personally – the man I lovingly call The Wineaux Guy™. The last few weeks have been incomprehensibly difficult for us.

Grieving Father
Grieving Father

TWG™ lost his youngest son nearly three weeks ago. This young man was only 29 and passed away in his sleep. As you can imagine, going upstairs wondering why the hell the kid was still in bed at noon and finding that he was gone was devastating.

Because of our long friendship (we have been friends for far longer than we’ve had a relationship), he called me immediately and I felt as though a piece of myself had been lost.

There’s a lot of personal and private things that have occurred over the last few weeks, and I’ve been there as his shoulder, his ear, his love, his friend. He is living the ultimate horror that every parent fears.

I’m working on several posts, but it’s been a little difficult to concentrate, as you can imagine. In fact, the only reason I went to the Napa Valley Wine Academy last week is because I would have lost a lot of money by not going (tuition, air fare, hotel, car rental), and TWG™ insisted that I go and focus on my future wine career. Along with his own blinding pain and unfathomable grief, he was dealing with a badly shocked and stunned extended family and I only would have been lost in the maelstrom of emotion.

Just keep him in your thoughts as he and his family somehow slog through the pain of the grieving process. There’s nothing worse in life than the loss of a child, no matter if the child is an infant or an adult.

And stay tuned.  I’ll be back to posting shortly.



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