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AB is Back! Reloaded! And it’s Good…


The Wineaux Guy ™ and I were excited to learn that AB was back! Good Eats was where he began, and his expertise with the food industry saw him being showcased in other shows, such as the ongoing host of Iron Chef America, and, unfortunately, the erstwhile host of the debacle known as Cutthroat Kitchen.

Oh. Maybe I should tell you who AB is.

Alton Brown Reloaded
Alton Brown Reloaded

If you ever saw the program Good Eats, you may already know who I’m talking about. From 1999 to 2012, Alton Brown (AB – get it?) was the instructional host on one of Food Network’s most exciting programs, Good Eats. When I first started watching the program, I was a fledgling foodie (did that word even exist then?) and loved watching and learning techniques that went far beyond my very practical, prosaic cooking skills.

Hey. I was a Mom. Here is food. Eat it or starve.

The difference between the old Good Eats and the new Good Eats: Reloaded is not great. Primarily because the new Good Eats is the old Good Eats. With a twist.

Alton begins each program with a nod to a particular episode. Because food, like technology, changes over time, he shares some of the changes that have taken place over the years; for instance, who, outside of restaurants in France, ever heard of Sous Vide in 2000? Right?

He talks about new processes and methods that have been incorporated into professional kitchens and talks about the areas where he was dead wrong in his advice.

What?!? AB wrong?? That’s not possible!


He completely explains how he was in error and how these new methods, new scientific discoveries, and simple experimentation have changed some of these methods over the years. One of the things that he brought out in a couple of episodes was that ingredients that weren’t available then are now freely available in many markets. Gochujang, anyone?

Growth, people.

If you are a foodie like TWG™ and I are and love what you learned while watching the original Good Eats, I’m sure you’ll like it reloaded.

Good Eats: Reloaded appears on the Cooking Channel on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm, repeat at 9:00. You’re welcome.


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I was doing a shoot in a wine store - was I in heaven or what - and had (thanks to warpaint) cleaned up well. I love wine and my town, and I hope it shows on this website. Thanks for stopping by!

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