This is me, Irene, aka Vegas Wineaux. Enjoy!

About Me!

I’ve been interested in wines for decades. In fact, I love wine so much that I’ve gotten several wine certifications, including Sommelier, WSET, California Wine Appellation Specialist, and am a candidate for a few more. I mean, why not? I have some free time, and I like to study! In addition to my love of wine, I also enjoy writing and teaching. I have combined the two into a pastime for instructing beginners about wine. While the awards I’ve earned are only part of my qualifications, my years at The Day Job™ as a trainer has developed and honed my instructional skills. My love of research – see above comment about studying! – ensure that the information I provide is accurate. Besides, researching increases my own knowledge, which I happily share. I hope that you find a lot of good information here, because not only do I share about wine, but about regular life in Las Vegas, friends and family, and on the road. See you on the inside!


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