Yes, I changed the look – once again – of the Vegas Wineaux website. Why? Other than “because I wanted to,” there were good, practical reasons involved.

While I really liked the new look I’d come up with before (and so did others – I was nominated for a Black Weblog Award!), it still didn’t do what I wanted to do.  So I sat down to figure exactly what it was that I wanted.  (If you’re easily bored with techy stuff, you can stop reading now)

Practicality – I found that I was posting less because of the many steps I had to take in order to make sure that the great pictures were always displaying in an eye-catching, thrilling manner. I had made it too complex for myself!

Professionalism – While the old new site was chock full of eye-candy, it was lacking – in my opinion – in giving a serious, but still fun, impression. I decided that a more monochromatic color scheme and cleaner lines would correct that.  There are other reasons, all having to do with making the correct impact in the wine blog world.  The old new design didn’t quite carry the message that I wanted or portray the seriousness with which I take the messages that I share.

Usability – Lots of emails on “how do I…” that showed me (a Mac person, yet!) that it wasn’t very friendly and usable.  Can’t have that.

The new look still carries the same basic color scheme which I love, but cleans up the tchotchkes that I had incorporated into the site on the last redesign.  While I still have a few fun thingies here and there, it’s not as “in your face” and doesn’t detract from the message, which is key to my goals. I’d much rather have you read, learn, and enjoy than have your eyeballs and brain cells spinning trying to figure out stuff.

Besides, it’s not unusual for web geeks to reevaluate a design a few months after launch.  And that’s what I did. I hope that you like the new look.  Everything that was there before is there now, so nothing got taken away.

Only the gaudiness. Thanks for your patience and patronage.

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