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Apple Watch 3 – One Year Later

First Annual Review

Apple Watch

A year later, do I still like it?

The Backstory

Okay, I’ve owned my Apple Watch 3 for nearly a year. Am I still feeling the love?

I hadn’t worn a watch on my wrist since I acquired my first cell phone about 20+ years ago. It was not a “smartphone” but a pretty low-tech flip phone. I think it was a Motorola (maybe an LG) but don’t hold me to that. The important thing is that it allowed me to keep track of time without the bother of a single-use device on my wrist.

A few of the clock faces available for my Apple Watch displayed on iPhone.
A few of the clock faces available for my Apple Watch displayed on iPhone.

When I upgraded to a smartphone, it was even better. My first smartphone was either a Samsung or HTC, and I purchased it because it had a great resemblance to the iPhone that I coveted at the time. Unfortunately, before the two years were up, it had become very buggy and eventually froze completely. I was phoneless for a little while, but only because I didn’t want to pay the ridiculous “fee” for ending the contract early, and I needed to switch to the then exclusive iPhone vendor.

I bought an iPhone at that time (not *bought* per se, but you know what I mean – two years of enforced servitude) and never looked back. I’ve loved my iPhones, but that’s a story for another time.

I finally decided to get an Apple Watch with the release of the AW3 because of the cellular feature. Using the features of the watch without needing to have a phone close by was a win for me.

Feeling the Love

With the advent of the AW3, everything changed. I showed up at the T-Mobile store and walked out with a 38mm amazing mini computer on my wrist. It was novel, beautiful, fun, and I totally loved it. One year later, however, do I still feel the same way?

First the pros:

  1. It’s accurate.
  2. It’s very comfortable.
  3. Battery life! In the one area where Apple sometimes falls behind, I’m extremely satisfied with the battery life of this watch. I have worn it for over two days straight (including through the night), although I prefer to keep it charged, of course.
  4. With the high initial price of the Watch and its gear, I’ve been able to purchase bands from Amazon.com for cheap. I can change the look and feel in seconds while avoiding Apple’s high prices for its bands.
  5. It keeps me accountable – it tracks my activity and lets me know when I’m slacking off. Which I’m good at.
  6. I’m wearing a watch again and I don’t mind it. Furthermore, despite my sensitive skin, I haven’t broken out in a rash, which is one of the reasons I stopped wearing a watch to begin with.
  7. I’m participating in a couple of different medical studies. And that is very cool.
  8. Swimming and shower. ‘Nuff said. Waterproof!

…Not So Much

Of course, not everything is roses and unicorns, but it’s not bad. There are a few “cons” of sorts.

  1. It lets me know when I’ve been slacking off, and that can be annoying. I get these little “pat the dumb animal on its head” messages that gently prod me to get my butt off the recliner. And feigned concern when I haven’t. Snarky comments and all.
  2. The exercise ring can be wonky. Apparently, only walking or swimming (for me, at least) counts as exercise.  For instance, I was MOVING LIVING ROOM FURNITURE and the exercise ring didn’t even budge.  I’m talking spring cleaning – moving the sofa, end tables, coffee table (a heavy padded-leather covered beast), on hands and knees cleaning the floor behind and underneath said furniture, etc., etc., etc. I was tired and sweaty, but the Watch apparently didn’t think I’d actually exercised. There was swearing involved. A lot.
  3. Using the apps can be fiddly. The tiny buttons are definitely a challenge especially when one’s aging mind can’t remember what the icons stand for!

Despite the few negatives, the performance has been (mostly) stellar. I’m becoming as dependent on this watch as I am my iPhone. I feel naked without it.

Recommendations – get one. The next version will be released this month. All of the fanfare will be at the September 12 live event, and I’m not sure I’ll be upgrading. If it works, blah blah blah. I may wait for the next iteration instead. I love my Watch as is.

My Home Universe

The three bands

My home is all Apple, but unlike many people, I don’t always feel the need to upgrade immediately upon release. For instance, this year I’ll finally be replacing my iPad 4 (not a typo), with whatever’s the latest and greatest. My aging iPad is now slow and hiccupping enough to warrant it finally being retired.  But only to the kitchen where it will serve as a repository for recipes. At nearly six years old and somehow still chugging along, it has more than served its time!

By the way, The Wineaux Guy’s™ iPad 2 just recently died in its sleep. It just didn’t “wake up” one morning.

The iMac is next since it’s too old to be upgraded to the newest operating system. That’s always my sign that it’s time to move on. However, since it’s running all of the current software applications that I need, albeit slowly, even that can wait a few months while I save for the optional extras. Plus I need a laptop.


There you go. Except for a couple of little things, the performance of my Apple Watch has been stellar. I’m still loving it! And for a closing note, if you have an Apple Watch (of any generation) and want some beautiful but budget-friendly bands, just click the link in the gray box to Amazon below. You’ll be stunned!

Apple Watch Bands

Note: Other than the screenshot of my phone showing a small example the different clockfaces available, the images are all from Unsplash.com, my favorite repository for high-quality, free images. And no, they don’t sponsor me. They just have good stuff.



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So. Where Ya Been?

A year later, and I still love it. It keeps time, is waterproof, and, of course, has cellular functionality. On the minus side, the exercise ring can be fussy, the tiny icons can be fiddly, and the "get off your butt" messages can feel condescending. I would buy again and definitely recommend.
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