Andras is a successful Las Vegas attorney, a passionate wine aficionado, and an experienced and seasoned world traveler with a gourmet palate.
Richard is a Sommelier who, along with his wife Jarlene, is a regular visitor to California's many wine regions, including those you've never heard of! He's also an aficionado of wines that are off the beaten path.
Debbie is a veteran in the hospitality field in Las Vegas, and she's a regular visitor to the Central Coast of California. She also visits the wineries in New England on her annual visits home.
The newest Sommelier in our tasting group, Shannon's passion for wine has her focused on making wine her new career. She loves wine, the wine industry, and the wine lifestyle.
This is the person who introduced me to fine wine decades ago. Who knew that Boone's Farm wasn't real wine!! He started my love for wine, and many years later, we enjoy wines together, although we are now in different states.
I was doing a shoot in a wine store - was I in heaven or what - and had (thanks to warpaint) cleaned up well. I love wine and my town, and I hope it shows on this website. Thanks for stopping by!

As the focus of the Vegas Wineaux website has expanded, so has the talent of the people who contribute to our message. They have gone above and beyond my expectations, as they’ve shared their personal wine, travel, Vegas, and lifestyle experiences with everyone. They created incredible educational content (I’ve learned a lot of stuff from them!) and have been inclusive in sharing their love for all that they do.

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