In our visit to every Central Coast winery we could drag our livers to, we had a base of operations – so to speak – at Avila Beach.  Having coffee early in the morning on the balcony was a treat – watching the sea lions heave themselves on the pier was entertaining and surprising. They’re big!

Even in November, Avila was incredibly beautiful.  After a day of wine tasting everywhere else, we’d wander to small shops or tasting rooms for even more wine tasting.  Okay, since driving wasn’t involved, it was actually wine drinking.  Staggering home is not illegal. At least as far as I know.

But I digress.

The inimitably gorgeous Avila Beach is the home of several wineries, and I have them listed below.  There were a couple – Per Bacco and 2nd Chance Winery – that had no functioning web page or Facebook presence, so I didn’t put them in the table. If you have some different information or links, please send them to me.

When you next go to the Central Coast, driving through Avila Beach will be a treat for your eyes, your lungs, and your soul. Exquisite, with the quality of wines that you can expect from the Central Coast. In this case, primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Avila Beach Wine Trail

Alapay Cellars

Avila Wine Company

Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards

Morovino Winery

Peloton Cellars

Salisbury Vineyards

Wood Winery


avila wine trail

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