Bacchanal BuffetThis is just one part of the “adventure” I had with my family at the Caesar’s Palace Bacchanal Buffet on Christmas Day.

It is more or less a family tradition that we go out to a buffet on Christmas. Except for the times where we tried to get into the Wynn Buffet when they first opened – and failed, by the way – we usually go to some our favorites, with the Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio being tops on the list. As an aside, when I go to the Seafood Buffet, I never eat anything that has walked on or grown out of the earth.  Fins are my faves!

At any rate, getting past the afternoon of adventures (which I go into more detail on Vegas Wineaux), I do want to comment on the food.  Remember that the commentary may be somewhat colored because of the extraordinary length of time in which we stood in line.  So don’t consider this an actual *review.* Especially since it’s impossible for one person to eat through its 500-plus food items. Though I tried.

There were some standouts, and there were a couple of duds.  The main dud was after allowing ourselves to stand in line for hours, that we didn’t make the connection that we’d have to stand in lines with these same people in order to get our food!  D’oh! But that was our fault, not Caesar’s.


  • All the seafood
  • All the Asian food
  • All of the Mexican food
  • The COWBOY RIBEYE (yum!!)
  • The little pots, baskets, tiny bowls and glasses of tastes, such as Fried Chicken with French Fries, Shrimp & Grits, Hot Wings, Ceviche (some of the best I’ve ever tasted), etc.
Ice Cream – I had a scoop (very small) of Mango Chili Lime and one of Baklava. Delish.


  • It costs HOW much?!? Let’s just say it was substantially more than what we paid when we first visited about a week after they opened.
  • Wagyu Sliders – this is too special a beef to sit under hot lamps. The one I had was dried out and the cheese rolled off like plastic from the burger. Not enjoyable and not memorable. At least not in a good way.
  • My Wine experience
Misplaced signs – for people who aren’t savvy on unusual foods, the fact that the sign that said “Seafood Paella” was placed in front of the pot of stewed shrimp may be confusing.
  • There were several soups that were totally unmarked, and to pass the time in line, my linemate and I guessed at what they were.

My rule of never going to The Strip – or to be more specific, a Strip buffet – 1) when they first open for business or 2) on a major holiday, was completely validated.  It was an okay experience, but not an outstanding one.  Will I go again? Probably.  But on a day when there’s a nice quiet brunch or when I think I don’t have to wait a half a day in line. Or when they won’t require my entire paycheck in order to pay for the privilege of eating there!


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