It’s HGTV’s Fault

This all began in April when the idea of purchasing the house I’d lived in for five years became a possib. Naturally, since I was so comfortable there, I jumped at the opportunity.

Unfortunately, rules, regulations, and laws being what they are, that was, alas, not to be. I lived in a condominium community that once upon a time had been a vibrant and thriving neighborhood of owner-occupants. Unfortunately, after the Great Recession of 2008-2011, it slowly filled up with renters, and lenders were reluctant to back new mortgages. Once I realized that my continuing to occupy the same space was not to be and trying to find “the one,” I knew it was time to move on.

After several fits and starts (“What do you mean that you’re not going to remove the black mold?!?”) I finally found my Real Estate soulmate and bought it.  There were, naturally, a few unexpected – and expected – surprises.

What that meant was that I was often up late nights painting, repairing, etc., and was too tired to even consider doing anything but going to The Day Job™ and coming to my new (gorgeous and cozy) home and working. My down time consisted of existing in a catatonic state until I absolutely *had* to wake up., alas, fell by the wayside during those few months.

One thing I did not neglect, however, was my once-weekly wine tasting.  There’s a group of us who meet every Monday evening to taste and critique wines. Out of the group of seven regulars, three of us are sommeliers. The other four are passionate aficionados who could easily get one of several certifications if they so desired.  The tastings are always blind and always humbling.  There are times when I’m a tasting rock star (“Of course I knew what they all were. I rock”) and times when I’m a complete fail.

What has happened during that time, however, has been nothing short of miraculous.  While I’m not nearly as close to where I want to be, I’m starting to see where it’s possible that I can indeed become a wine-tasting diva.

There are some wines that naturally call my name – Pinot Noir (I am, after all, the Pinot Ho), Nebbiolo, Chardonnay, Viognier, and all things Champagne. I’ve found that I have a special affinity for Chenin Blanc, no matter where it’s from and I can’t figure that out at all. I also can usually tell a good Cabernet – “good” being the key word – and the occasional random mystery grape, such as Grüner Veltliner. Who knew.

While my attempts to increase my portfolio of wine certifications and awards have been more or less problematic and put on hold for the remainder of the 2016 year (Certified Specialist of Wine – missed by TWO points! Long story. I blame Spain.) I’ve decided that I will tackle them en masse in 2017. Why? Because my focus on having as many certifications as humanly possible has not waned. Now that my Real Estate journey has finally come to an end – and that’s a book in itself – I know that I have to focus on the wine things because that’s where my secondary (after my house) passion lies.

I want to share with you some of the discoveries that I’ve made during these tastings so that you can think about seeking your own inner palate. The next posting will discuss some of the wines that have made an impact and what you may expect if you decide to venture out into wine-tasting land.

We may not be in Kansas, Dorothy, but we’re pretty damn close.



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