In my real life, I’m quite the computer geek. While I don’t always get the first generation of a thing and I’ve NEVER stood in line at an Apple Store – while close, I don’t quite put the fan in fanatic – I’m still as close to the tech bleeding edge as I can get without causing too much harm to my budget.

MacWorld UK . under CC
Image of how my Watch looked upon opening.

I wanted to share the unboxing of my latest toy, the Apple Watch Series 3. I haven’t worn a watch in years and decided that now that I’m older and really want to work on getting into shape and staying healthy, that I’d check into the lauded benefits of the Watch.

This video will show my stumbling through the unboxing process. It’s not necessarily pretty. But there is wine.

Full disclosure – I filmed this on September 29 with the intention of doing editing (if any) and posting it on Sunday, October 1, Monday at the latest. Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you know that Las Vegas was hit with probably the second largest news story of the year (second to the California fires, probably tied with the overly active hurricane season). Since I work for the county and we network with all of the entities that make up the governmental foundation of the region, we got hammered. So here I am, two weeks late!

That said, I’ve since begun wearing the Watch (bossy and nagging – details in another post), the earbuds, and toting my new iPhone 8 Plus.

And with all of this, I had a glass of wine. Had to keep in step with the theme, you know. And by the way, they had gotten the band correct. I had ordered it wrong! I have the nifty replacement, though.


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