About a month or so ago, I shared my unboxing experience with my Apple Watch 3.

Since then I’ve worn it nearly every day and stressed out just a bit on those days when I didn’t. While I’m happy to be wearing a watch again – who knew that I’d been missing it? – there are a few issues that I’m dealing with.

The backstory is that I installed a couple of apps that would help me track my health. Now that I’m officially “elderly,” I felt it would be in my best interests to wear something that could let me know how I’m doing at all times and look cute at the same time. A wearable blood pressure monitor would be very unfashionable, awkward, and pretty much unattractive. Not cool at all.

My watch, on the other hand, is quite en vogue (do people still use that term?).

The problem is that it’s kinda like having my mother around all the time telling me what to do.

The “Activity” app, for instance, is always telling me “move” or “stand.” It’s not polite, either.  It’s a bossy little thing.

“It’s time to stand”

“It’s time to move”

“You have another circle to close”

“You’re a lazy, good-for-nothing slacker” (Okay, it doesn’t really say that, but you know what I mean.)

To be fair, it will give me the occasional, “You’re doing well today! Keep going,” or something like that.

And then there’s the “Aura” app, which is a sweet, kind, and gentle Zen-like app which apparently tracks my inner peace. Until it tells me that I need to breathe.

“What?!? I’m already breathing!”

Apparently, not good enough for Aura. While opening the app one recent afternoon, it let me know that I’ve only breathed seven times that week. I kid you not.

Apparently, although I’ve been breathing (ya kinda need to), I haven’t been “Zen” breathing – taking long, relaxing breaths to get me into a mindful place.

Other apps that I like that don’t yell at me nearly so much are Heart Watch, Health, and Workout. They only yell at me when I actually launch them, which I do only when I’m actually going to be working out. Otherwise, they quietly monitor everything I do in the background and unlike “Activity,” refrain from snarky comments.

I’m very happy with my Apple Watch 3, and I was even more pleased when I read the story about a man whose life was saved because he heeded a warning from his Apple Watch.  “Stupid little wrist computer…,” he called it.

Well. At least this Mac Fangirl is one who’s more than happy to wear this computer on my wrist. Despite its nagging and my griping, I do keep close track on my levels and am very happy to have my personal mini-EMT on board, and I also appreciate the fact that it’s fashionable. En Vogue, you might say.



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