While several of my friends were enjoying vegan fare at a great wine tasting, The Wineaux Guy™ and I decided to go the restaurant that is far from vegan. He had enjoyed my previous post about my visit to Texas de Brazil and wanted to check it out for himself. Because of my very enjoyable experience previously, I enthusiastically agreed.

It easy to say great things about a restaurant if you are an invited guest and you know that you’re being treated special. It’s another thing if you revisit, incognito, to see how the masses are treated.

Yes, I’m really into doing evil stuff.

Reservations Angst

Instead of going on a weeknight when it’s easy to get a reservation and be seated, we went on a Saturday night. It took a long time to get a reservation before 10:30 pm. I went back and forth between calling the restaurant and using Open Table. Fortunately, someone apparently canceled, and our online Open Table reservation went through for about 6:30 (or so – I didn’t write it down). To make sure that the incognito ruse was complete, I made the reservations under his name instead of my own. While they are so incredibly busy that I would probably not be remembered, I didn’t want to take any chances.

Anonymity was my friend.

Inside Texas de Brazil
Inside Texas de Brazil

We arrived on time and were courteously welcomed and taken to our seats. Our server was Steven who greeted us and gave us the instructions: the appetizers, soups, salads, and other tasty bits were on the buffet table. The meat would be served according to the color of the circle – red for no, green for bring it. The restaurant was, in spite of the busyness of the evening, just as clean as it was before.

I’m happy to say that even Rod’s sensitive nose picked up nothing but clean nicely mixed in with food on the smell test. He’s pretty strict about that – we’ve walked out of more than one restaurant because he didn’t like the smell. Could he be a sommelier or what.

So What about the Food?

Texas de Brazil Lamb Chop
Texas de Brazil Lamb Chop

As before, we went nuts over the food. Unfortunately, on that particular night, they didn’t have the cucumbers I had enjoyed so much before. But now that I knew what was upcoming, I stressed not a bit.

We purchased a bottle of Concha Y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon (why get glasses of wine when a bottle is better), and that paired perfectly with the meats that we chose. Whether lamb, beef, chicken or other meats, the wine was ideal.

While I would like to bash them and say how horrible they were, I simply cannot. The service was just as attentive and the food was just as delicious. If I had to nitpick anything – and this is really nitpicky – it would be that the top sirloin was perhaps not *quite* as flavorful as it had been the Thursday previous. However, this was an extremely busy Saturday night and we were lucky to even be able to get in at all!

The Brotherhood of Santa

Texas de Brazil Santa
Texas de Brazil Santa

One fun thing that happened is that a gentleman walked over the table and handed Rod a card with “Santa” emblazoned across it. It startled both of us and until we glanced up at him. He shared his card in order to welcome Rod into the Santa brotherhood. Who knew there was such a thing.

As I said before, the food was as delicious as it had been before and the service was wonderful. At least with me, they have a customer for life. Texas de Brazil is one of the reasons why I cannot be a vegan.

Meat. Cabernet. And, if you insist, a salad. Health, you know.


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