It’s a cold night here in Vegas. It’s late November and it’s supposed to freeze tonight. That means that I’ve had to protect some of my plants – what few there are – and prepare for a long winter’s nap. Clement Moore notwithstanding.

Taking that into consideration, you may wonder why I had a piscine dinner with rice, cucumber salad, and a nice Southern Oregon white wine. Sounds more like summer, right?

Actually, it’s because it’s so cold that I decided to have whatever was in the fridge/freezer instead of going shopping. For those of you in places that have *real* cold temperatures, you’re completely justified in pointing and laughing at us who run for the parkas in 40°F temperatures. I’m originally from the outskirts of Philadelphia, and I’m horrified at the wimp I’ve become.

But I digress.

There was cucumber, frozen fish, a mason jar of dried rice, some Amish butter in the fridge, and a small jar of capers. I made the cucumber into one of my favorite salads – thinly sliced with thinly sliced onion, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, some Big Horn Tuscan Herb olive oil, and just a splash of plain white vinegar and a grind of black pepper. Let sit for at least a half an hour, and then yum.

White fillets in Amish butter (available at Albertson’s), simmering in their own juices and finished with a splash of white wine and capers. The fish goes onto the rice (silly me! no pics!), drizzle the reduced sauce, spoon the salad (now properly macerated and lifted out of the vinegar), pour a glass of wine and enjoy.

It’s cozy here at Casa Wineaux, and that meal, while arguably summerish, was, nevertheless, delicious and satisfying. And not having to make an extra trip into the cold was a plus.

The wine was quite yummy and was a perfect pairing with the meal.

I picked up the 2012 God King Slave Kinfolk last year during my visit in Southern Oregon. It is from the Applegate Valley AVA (Rogue Valley) and is a 40% Viognier, 30% Marsanne, and 30% Roussanne white Rhône blend. Flowery on the nose (Viognier. Of course.) and with an amazing, creamy mouthfeel, it was the ideal foil for the salad acidity.  The name of the winery, by the way, is from a quotation by Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian sculptor, which states: “Work like a slave; command like a king; create like a god.” While I like to think that’s the story of my life, I’m probably wrong.

Unfortunately, it appears that their wines are only available in Oregon. I haven’t seen them here – and I’m sure someone will correct me if I’ve missed it – and it’s a pity. This is a truly delicious wine, and I’m enjoying it on this cold evening.

Coming soon – how weekly tastings have honed my palate and my passion. Stay tuned…




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