Trium Rose
Trium Rose

While I’m still glumly staring at the unfinished draft of the video slideshow of my stay in beautiful Southern Oregon, I have to speak about a winery that I had the fortune of meeting, enjoying their wines, and saying goodbye at the same time.

How is that possible?

Trium Wines is neatly tucked into a corner in Talent, Oregon, at about nosebleed altitude that looks down on the city. The views are, as expected, gorgeous. As we began enjoying their wines, Mariah told us that they’d be closing in September.

Wait. What?

The story is pretty straightforward.  For the longest time, they supplied grapes to winemakers all around the region. Then they decided to make their own wines, which were received with fanfare. Several years later, after the death of Kurt Lotspeich, the husband of Laura and co-owner of the winery and vineyards, Laura decided that it was too much to handle on her own, and it was time to retire from the winemaking part and concentrate only on the vineyards. Essentially going back to the roots.

That means that their cozy wine tasting room and winery will be closing on September 9, less than two weeks at the time of this writing. We ended up purchasing the last of their Estate Cabernet and a bottle of Rosé, which I want to share with you now.

The 2015 Rosé is a blend of Tempranillo with a touch of Grenache. It is a dry, food-friendly wine. My erstwhile traveling friends, Dick and Jarlene, tasted along with me and agreed that it is a delicious wine with notes of red cherry, strawberry, rose petals, and just a touch of melon.  Extremely drinkable, it is a fun wine, and we enjoyed drinking it! I brought the last of it home and made a tasting video about the experience only to discover that I had an issue with the microphone.


Trium only has a few wines left before they close the winery doors for good. Grab them now if you can!


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