One thing I like about having my own blog is that I can express my own opinion without fear of an editor’s wrath or his worrying about being politically correct. Because, really, I don’t care about either. This is not about neutrality, it’s not about looking at both sides.  It’s about my writing whatever the hell I want. So you will get my full, unbridled opinion about the Gary Eberle situation without my having any concern about what important people may think.

Screw ’em.

Gary Eberle showed up for a day of work as usual on Monday, and was fired.

So how can you be fired from the winery that you founded when there was almost no other winery around, built with the sweat of your own brow, and grew it into a well-respected, world-class winery? When people you thought were trustworthy stab you in the back, that’s how. Which is what happened to Gary.

Gary and wife after winning winery of the year in June 2013Apparently, he wanted to grow the winery to be able to produce 30,000 cases of wine a year. The people who fired him, his faithful and loyal business partners and sister-in-law (who, as soon as she had power of attorney to act as proxy for Gary’s ailing brother, made her move), decided to vote Gary out as a managing partner. Rob and Charles Flory and Jeanne Giacobine, apparently, have grander designs than Gary. Can’t have someone around who wants to move at a sensible rate of growth so as not to damage the reputation of the winery that he’s worked so hard to grow!  Let’s get it to churn out 100,000 cases!! Who gives a crap about maintaining legendary quality when there’s more money to be made! We can be famous! We can do it! Even though we don’t know what the hell we’re doing! WTF, Gary makes it look easy so it must be!

Does it sound like they ganged up on him?


The first person who jumped into my mind was the late and great Steve Jobs. He was fired from Apple – the company he founded and nurtured – because he wasn’t, apparently, warm and fuzzy enough. As Steve Jobsthe brains who founded the company, he had the passion and drive to see it succeed. When he was canned (mental note – always maintain majority control) he went into a depression of disbelief, and then created Pixar. With collaboration with Disney, he was indirectly responsible for the Toy Story phenomenon.

When Apple realized that without the brain behind the passion they couldn’t make it, they more or less begged him to return. As a side note, during that time their stocks were downgraded to penny stocks. I had a feeling that something great was going to happen and begged my (ex) husband to buy the stock. He refused, stating that Apple was done. He was a PC guy.  Apple is now the richest company in the world and I’m single. See how things work out?

If you’ve never been to Eberle winery in Paso Robles, then you are certainly missing out on a treat. They have a man-made cave system under the property that has regular tours and is worth the time as you are regaled with tales of Gary’s early days and the origin of the names of the wines. When you emerge from the tour, you see the vineyards that stretch out seemingly for miles.

Yes, I’ve met Gary, but not really. He showed up to the winery one of the times I was there.  I was in a group and acted like a fan. Embarrassing.

I will continue to keep an eye out on the progress of this story as my temper calms down. I don’t like backstabbers, especially those you think you can trust. What’s interesting is that Gary is speaking to news sources all over the area.  The backstabbers? Not a peep. No opinion. Cannot be found to get a statement. In other words, cowards and morons.

What a group of losers. If they think this is a good PR move for them, then they have another think coming. Screw ’em.  I’m all about Gary.

Karma’s a bitch. But she’s only a bitch if you give her reason to be.  I think Karma’s going to have a great time with these three clowns.






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