…And You Would be Wrong

So, yes, I do enjoy most of the programs on Food Network. It's just that the occasional anomaly that is Cutthroat Kitchen is like the rotten apple. Or rotten egg. And stinks just as much. No, worse.

Pinot Noir International!

It had a distinctly candy-ish artificial taste on the palate and the finish was nonexistent. Thank goodness. I certainly didn't want to have that lingering in my mouth!

Rub It On, Drink It Down – What?

Use external sun protection anyway. At the time I write this, we're having Surface of the Sun temps in Vegas, and when you live in an environment as harsh as this, drinking red wine alone won't do the job. Of course, you can also take your wine in pill form - also known as grapes.

Why Wine?

My first “good” Pinot – which occurred before the movie Sideways, by the way - was an epiphany. The color that gleamed with translucent ruby, purple, and flashes of garnet, the nose that danced with roses, cranberries, strawberries, smoke, and cherries, and the experience of pure silk on the palate and a luscious, long, exquisite finish, pretty much ruined me for any other wine. While I can't remember the wine maker, I do remember the experience.

Honeymoon, Africa, Cape Town, and Wine! (Part eight)

Along the way we were serenaded by the grunts of hippos in the water, the trumpets of elephants on shore, and the toots of Egyptian geese flying overhead.

Typicity, Tasting, Hemingway, and Scrooge

When the wine does not have the characteristics that you have come to expect from that varietal then there truly is a Great Disturbance in the Force.

Natural Cork, the Only Green Alternative – Part Five

The cork forest sucks up CO2 which is generated in part by the plastic and aluminum refining processes. "Endocrine disrupter" is not a phrase you'll see in relationship to cork. And there’s no such thing as a “cork spill.”

Got (Raw) Milk? Go Directly to Jail…

Armed government agents burst through a door, weapons drawn. Commands are barked to the individuals there to get on the floor. The agents keep their firearms leveled at the perpetrators while they search for contraband. The booty is confiscated and eventually destroyed. The perps are arrested and face substantial jail time. Drugs? Human Trafficking? Sex Slaves? Illegal abortions? Meth lab? Terrorist cell? Nope.

Beyond Meat Loaf – the World in My Kitchen

It’s an almost otherwordly experience to walk into an Asian supermarket and be greeted with Christmas carols sung in Chinese.

Late Catching Up, So Sue Me. No, Don’t. Just Kidding!

The fifth annual HenderZIN was held, as usual, at the parking lot at Khoury's at 9915 S. Eastern in Henderson. OF COURSE I had to be there! Of course I had to take pictures! Of course!

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