So many of our fondest memories revolve around food and music

So states Anthony Bourdain, the producer and narrator of a fabulous YouTube video entitled The Mind of a Chef Potluck Music Special in The Mind of a Chef YouTube channel. Mr. Bourdain produces most (if not all) episodes of the original PBS programming. I don’t often share videos that others have made, but this one is too good to miss. While there’s almost nothing in it about wine, that really doesn’t matter. After all, most of our wine drinking is in conjunction with food, right? Besides, the wine makes its appearance throughout the video.

At The Day Job™I am working on a complex advanced class about the human brain, and that has required me to do a lot of research and learn and retain more information than I thought possible at this stage of the game. It’s a several months’ effort, and I’ve learned a lot about the brain and the mind.

One of the class modules discusses the effect of music on the brain. Studies, anecdotal evidence, and empirical observations have shown that music can “bring back” even those who are in the throes of extreme dementia, and it can keep those who aren’t too far gone sane and functional.

Food and music in many cultures are entwined in a way that make them as one. We seem to have forgotten the bond that music, culture, and food have (hence McDonald’s and its ilk) and how music can support and uplift  a culture.

In The Mind of a Chef Potluck Music Special, several chefs collaborate to have a potluck, and the story of each chef is intertwined with life experiences, food and great recipes, and music.

In one of the first stories, Chef Sean Brock talks about how and when as a young boy he first noticed the effect music has on people’s  – specifically his mother and grandmother’s –  emotions. He later related how he just bought a new (to him) house and while talking about moving into and fixing it up, he spoke about the dining room table being the most important piece in the house because that’s where people gather. I agree with him, and was happy to hang The Gathering Place sign in my dining room. It’s where people gather whether eating or not.

While he created a “low-country” meal, music played softly in the background.

The other chefs shared similar stories, intertwined with scenes of them prepping for the potluck.

Chef Brock
Chef Sean Brock – Likes Van Halen!

So. Is there any part of it I don’t like? Well, I won’t say that I *don’t* like it, but there’s an overlong scene of Van Halen playing, along with interesting freakout brain-related animations. I’m a Motown gal myself.

The video is over 45 minutes, and well worth the time to sit and watch it. I recommend a bowl of popcorn, a nice Napa Chardonnay or a sparkling wine (if you must), and turning on YouTube and just kicking back to enjoy. By the way, there’s quite a bit of food porn involved.

I promise it won’t be a wasted 45 minutes.

I’m going to go and watch it again!




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