There’s a new casino in the works. It’s going to be tall, vibrant, and it’s not on The Strip.

Circa 2020 will be in the middle of the Fremont Street Experience and will be the tallest building downtown and sporting more than 700 rooms, it will bring Strip-level class to Downtown Las Vegas. It is scheduled to open in December of 2020.

Circa 2020 Building Site Early January
Circa 2020 Building Site Early January

Dick, Jarlene, and a couple of others from our Somm group went to the announcement party and were suitably impressed. Those of us who prefer Downtown – which, by the way, is actually in the City of Las Vegas which The Strip is not – are overjoyed that there will now be higher end accommodations.

The owners of The D Casino & Hotel Las Vegas are the entrepreneurs behind the project. They have been very successful with the D, and have a desire to see Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV) grow.

I’d love to describe everything to you, but instead, take a look at the video. It can tell you more than I ever could. But don’t worry; we’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress of Circa 2020 and will report any news that comes our way. Meanwhile, enjoy the video about vintage Vegas and the great future of Downtown!


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