Stacks - corksI’ve noticed that there has been quite a few videos posted recently about natural cork and its value, not only to wine, but to the environment, the economy, and, yes, even fashion.  While the cries to use screwcap (aluminum, plastic) and synthetic cork (plastic, “green” materials, artificial sponge, mystery ingredients) to seal wines continue to grow ever more shrill and strident, the dependable, 100% natural and sustainable cork continues to show its superiority.

After all, cork isn’t trying to function like screwcaps or synthetics, but the verso is most definitely true.

I found this little gem and decided to share it.  Not only does it discuss and display the cork (for wine) making process, but it also shows that cork is more than a unidimensional element.

Cork baseball hat or umbrella, anyone?

Enjoy a Toast to Cork!



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