Once again, my friends come to the rescue! I asked for a review of the Flaunt, and Sommelier Dick stepped up! He’s written several of the recent travel posts, and I love his outlook on things. He did this detailed (and very accurate!) review of Flaunt, the wine we were introduced to late last month. Enjoy! Why didn’t I write a review? Because I was drinking and buying. Thereyago.



On January 16, 2018, a few friends and I attended Adam Lee’s invitation-only Annual Las Vegas Tasting of Siduri Wines. One of the featured wines was Flaunt Sparkling Brut from Sonoma. The wine is a newly released wine from Dianna Novy Lee, Adam’s wife, who has created the Flaunt Wine Company.

What a pleasant surprise! An inaugural release, Flaunt is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes sourced from Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley vineyards. As they proudly “flaunt” on the website, this made in “The Traditional French Method, Méthode Champenoise.” Flaunt was made according to the very precise steps required to produce a high quality sparkling wine, including the patience required for it to age. It was bottled in 2014 and newly released in 2017.

It is a complex but a very delicious sparkling in the French tradition. On the nose there are green apple, green pear, a little minerality and some toast. The palate is burst of tropical fruits, kiwi, brioche, and a slight nuttiness. It finishes big with a long stony finish and crisp acidity. This felt like a high-end Champagne!

It is a limited production of 500 cases and a price point of $ 85.00, it’s a daunting price but well worth the experience. This is another great example of the ever-expanding quality of California sparkling wines.


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