You’re probably wondering “why in the world is Irene dragging up these old posts? STEELES isn’t even open any more!”

Patience, patience. As you may expect, there’s a real reason why I’m doing this. Remember, this is a review of a restaurant that was already reviewed under a different name. And there’s a brand new update waiting in the wings!


About a year and a half ago, some dining companions and I had what could charitably be called the worst dining experience – at least in terms of service – ever in the history of Las Vegas.  Okay, maybe not the *worst,* but it certainly was the worst experience I had ever had in a “fine dining” establishment.

And, as a result, I ripped them to shreds.  Unfortunately, they continued to thrive, in spite of other, less-than-stellar reviews.

Happily, they eventually closed. Apparently, bad service – no matter how great the food – was the karma that blessed Sweet Water.  In its place, however, rose STEELES, an eclectic fusion steakhouse.  Whatever that means.  When I found out that Steele was also the last name of one of the owners of Sweet Water, I was ready to jump in and review it.  In spite of my somewhat hostile tone (Sorry. But that’s how the miserable experience affected me), I was hoping for a positive experience.

The only thing that seemed to bother me is that several people went to the restaurant and when I asked them what their experience was, I received a collective yawn.  Not bad, not great.  Somewhere between Denny’s and McDonald’s was my impression.

But what about the wine?  Apparently, they hadn’t completely learned their lesson from before.  One person visited and noted that a wine that retailed for about $9.99 was going for $36.00 on the Steeles list.  Hmm. That would probably explain their never putting their wine list online.

I’m not a hearsay type of person, so I decided that I wanted to go experience Steeles on my own.  Along with me would be some people whose palates I trust, even if we sometimes disagree.  Before we went, however, one of my companions noticed that KSNE, a local radio station that has occasional fun wine events, had certificates online for a variety of local restaurants, Steeles included.  For only $20, we could get a $50.00 gift certificate. What a deal!  We decided to get one, and that would allow us to enjoy more on the menu and give a more accurate and fair review.

Unfortunately, that was never to be.  Shortly after receiving our certificates, we tried to make reservations for dinner.  Phone call after phone call went unanswered.  A trip past the restaurant showed us why.  There was a sign in the door that said, “Closed for Renovations.”


About a month later, the sign is still there, there is no renovation occurring, and we’re each out $20.00 with useless gift certificates.


Could Steeles really be dead?  Dead in the water?  Dead in the Sweet Water?  Could it be that their insistence on mediocre service and extortion-level wine prices – even with their new name and identification – finally did them in?  Only time will tell.

Stay tuned…


{{{hear gleeful cackle}}} They were closed for good!  There are restaurants that are still thriving – or, at the very least, keeping their heads above water – even in this bad economy.  At that time the economy was not in great shape – definitely not as bad as it now – but that had nothing to do with Steeles demise.  They self-immolated themselves.  Their absence will go forever unnoticed in the annals of Vegas restaurant history. Good Riddance.

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