Me-148x300A couple of years ago, my then-primary advertiser Foodbuzz – now bought out by another company – had a contest wherein food bloggers would tell the world about themselves.  So I did.  However, Vegas Wineaux, being a wine blog that occasionally pairs with food, didn’t get to the next level.  There were about two hundred and fifty entries, and only 50 of those – all food, all the time – made it. Americans may never realize that wine is food! Nevertheless, I felt that I did some of my best writing and gave the best description of my view of the Vegas Wineaux.


I’ve had a few questions from (Friends? Fans? Admirers? Stalkers?) asking why do I blog? And why, for goodness sakes, would I focus on such a narrow niche as wine etiquette in Las Vegas?

Assuming that these questions come from a place of really wanting to know – as opposed to trying to get me to stop – I can think of only one answer.


I’ve always *liked* wine.  Just like many other Boomers, I started with Mogen David or Boone’s Farm. Hey! It’s a start! And it’s wine … kind of.

My journey to so-called “good” wines took a couple of decades, and it was the man to whom I’m now committed who introduced me to my first wine of substance.  I can still see that experience as clearly as if it had happened yesterday.  The expectant look on his face which turned to a broad smile as I “got it.”  It was a rich and luscious port, and the layers danced on my tongue.  I was hooked.

It was many years and many false starts later before I hit my stride.

In 2003 I started paying closer attention to how wine tasted. I was moving past the “smells like grapes, tastes like wine” rut I’d been in for so long. I also noted that everything that the wine pundits were saying about wine and food was making sense. A few wine classes, knowledgeable friends, experts, books, magazines, relationships and a relentless desire to learn guided me into getting in touch with what had always been a simmering passion.  During the years that followed, that passion exploded into what can charitably be called an obsession.

With the discovery of the magical dance between wine and food making me feel like a reformed sinner, I had to share. I had to have an outlet.  Thus, Vegas Wineaux was born.

During no other time in human history has the ability to communicate been so simple. I’ve considered myself fortunate to live in this era where the capacity to share one’s knowledge is literally at one’s fingertips.

But it’s more than that.

A quick read of any of my postings will show that while I talk a lot about wine, wine country, food, restaurants, recipes, and more, a reader is just as likely to get a peek into my psyche, into my life.  Whether I’m mourning the loss of a beloved pet, gushing about meeting a famous food/wine celebrity, celebrating a fun weekend in wine country, reviewing a local restaurant, or enjoying new wine discoveries with my sweetheart, there is no clearer window into my life than as the Vegas Wineaux.

That’s because the Vegas Wineaux is an iteration of myself. This doppelganger sometimes surprises me with what she produces on the keyboard; the artist that I once was manifests herself in cyberspace.  The artist also manifests herself in the kitchen and shares those discoveries with her audience.

In a word, I love what I do. I love sharing. I love the fact that when people hear “Vegas Wineaux,” they know the name even if they don’t know the person. That’s both a humbling and startling experience.

With all that being said, I know that it’s love because even if I didn’t have a single reader, I’d still do it.  My passion for the marriage of food and wine, the discoveries I’ve made in my own kitchen, and the respect and appreciation I have for those who grow and prepare food for a living, and for those who make wines would still need an outlet.

And as long as I’m drawing breath, there will always be a Vegas Wineaux, sharing life, food, wine, and love with all who care to visit.

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