Because I spent the morning at the Toastmasters Division H & K speech contests, I didn’t get to go the Grow Your Own event until early afternoon, and surprise surprise – stayed till closing. And it was very, very worth it.

Moms Across America!
Moms Across America!

I think it’s no secret that I think that the likes of Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta and their ilk are the spawn of Satan. Let’s be real – they don’t like their fellow humans and don’t have a problem with poisoning us or our children while telling us how “safe” their pesticides and GMOs are. In other words, believe everything they say, don’t worry about the effects on your kids, shut up, buy their safe “food,” and eat. Just don’t think, ask, or analyze.

Stepping off of the soapbox. It’s easy to get me riled!

Grow Your Own is a grassroots movement that encourages people to not only learn how to grow their own food – not an easy feat in Las Vegas, a place notorious for its bad soil and scorching summer heat – but also to patronize those businesses who are trying very hard to provide products, services, and information to those who are ready to cut the GMO/Poison umbilical.

While I had a great time visiting a surprisingly large number of vendors, I want to highlight a couple that really spoke to me.

The first one is Moms Across America, which is another grassroots group that is serious about ridding (not limiting, but GETTING RID OF) herbicides, pesticides, and other products that are proving themselves to be hazardous to humans, the environment, and (mark my words) the climate.

One of the Nurseries!
One of the Nurseries!

Moms Across America is not a hippie, tree-hugging, kumbaya type of group, but is made up of educated mothers who are pairing – so to speak – the increased use of poison and GMOs to their children’s illnesses and syndromes, many of which go undiagnosed/misdiagnosed because the doctors can’t figure how the hell these things are happening. Naturally, the apologists and those who make lots of money from advertising are attacking them. How DARE they say that poisons, herbicides, pesticides, pesticide-ready GMO foods are dangerous! They are a quack group! They are fear mongering! After all, GMOs are as safe as cigarettes and as protective as football helmets. Silly women.

The other item was the local nurseries that had plants and hybrids that were well suited for the desert climate, assuming, of course, that you have at LEAST an “aqua” thumb. I wish.

The third item (I know. Way past a couple) was Pahrump Honey Company that had all kinds of local desert honey available. Because The Budget™ said that I had to watch my nickels and dimes, I could only splurge on one thing, and that was the Slide Ridge Honey Wine Vinegar. My review? OMG. Unfortunately, I think that it’s not an item that they regularly carry. I could be wrong! A little Pasolivo Olive Oil and this Honey Vinegar = an almost perfect salad dressing.

Enjoy the gallery! And for those of you who live in Vegas, please patronize the local nurseries which are a fount of information for any questions that you may have about farming in the desert. In addition, please please please check out Moms Across America.

If you never gave GMOs a second thought before, spending time on their website will, at the very least, get you thinkin’.



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