grapes on a vine clear croppedThis has been a year of massive changes in my wine life.  I’m working towards advanced certifications and have college-level courses and other credentials – including Sommelier – under my belt.  Because my ultimate goal is to teach about specific areas of wine and the wine lifestyle, I am working towards that in real life as well as online.  Since the real life part will take some months to accomplish, I will be making a few immediate changes online.

I’m a person who’s pretty technical, and so one of the first areas to change will be here at Vegas Wineaux, of course.  I will be upgrading and updating the site as well as preparing for a future Learning Management System (LMS) which will have online courses for wine geeks no matter where they may be!  That’s still some months away, but I’m starting to put the foundations into place.

Vegas Wineaux itself will not only have an updated look and feel, but it will be displaying my new, professionally designed logo which better reflects the Vegas Wineaux tag line, Combatting Swirl Envy One Glass at a Time.  Next weekend is a long weekend with the Labor Day holiday, and beginning Friday night, August 29, the site will be shut down. I hope to be able to unveil the new look on August 31, leaving the Labor Day morning for tweaking and then barbecuing later.  Of course! And, as always, if “real life” interferes…

I’m currently working on the design and user interface elements, because I want it to continue to be very easy to use.  I will be adding increased functionality and will be focusing more on videos and less on ads all over the place. It will be functional and easy-to-use eye candy.

So while I plan on only one post this week, I hope to have a couple of video reviews up and running on YouTube and probably on Vimeo.  Which reminds me, I’m having a new Intro done for the videos as well!

So Vegas Wineaux is stepping into its next iteration with help from design professionals and a slew of knowledge that my credentials and decades of teaching experience have afforded.

Yup. We’re growing up.


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