HOCKEY!!!! No Wine This Time!


Let me explain.

I wanted to take a break from wine – I have two excellent posts that are in draft mode – for this breaking news. This will be quick, promise!

Our own expansion NHL team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, is going to be entering the playoffs for the Stanley Cup. An expansion team. Record-breaking expansion team, by the way.

! ! ! ! ! ! !


Your girl is originally from Philly and went to the games played in the 70s by Philly’s now iconic team, the Philadelphia Flyers. Naturally, just like any true Philadelphia fan of any team ever – and yes, Philly fans have a less-than-stellar reputation in comparison to more sedate fans, like in New York, for instance, I was hooked. The “Bullies of Broad Street” have been my hockey heroes. And when they started out as one of the first “expansion teams,” their record was pretty dismal.

Although I have been too busy to go to any Golden Knight games, other friends of mine have gone nuts. People whom I NEVER would have figured to be hockey fans have set the rabid hockey fan virus in motion.


Las Vegas Golden Knights
Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Knights began their storybook season right after the tragic Vegas shooting, and because of the way they embraced the city, the greater Las Vegas Valley embraced them back.

And now, because of a win over the Colorado Avalanche, the Vegas Golden Knights are now in the playoffs. The first expansion team ever. Maybe the best?

I know I can’t make it to a game this year, but my friends are more than taking up my slack. For the first time, we have a genuine major sports team, and Vegas couldn’t be happier.

And now, I return you to our original wine programming!

Vegas Wineaux
Vegas Wineaux
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