Villa Blanca Rosé, Beverly Hills
The Beverly Hills Rosé made in Paso Robles!

California AVAs range all over the state, from Humboldt County which only has one embedded AVA, all the way down to the San Diego which has 50 wineries.  Napa, Sonoma, Monterey, and the Central Coast are the big boys of the California wine world, with smaller areas like Temecula, the aforementioned Humboldt and San Diego, Ventura, and Malibu taking back seats.  For now.

Let’s face it; California is glamorous.  Whether you’re visiting San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Hollywood, the OC, or San Diego, there’s always something to dazzle the eyes and to spark the romantic imagination.  I’m a great fan of old Hollywood, and one of the wines I reviewed this episode is the epitome of that.

Wine country has its own particular romance, of course.  Every “wine country” that I’ve visited in California is beautiful in its own way.  Whether it’s close to the sea or in remote hills or on the side of a mountain, the views are always stunning, perhaps made more so because it’s California wine country.  Yes, excuse me while I wax poetic.

I visited a couple of Rosés that are quite delicious, and while one of them isn’t sourced from California, the owners are certainly members of the Hollywood cognoscenti.







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