Paso Wine Man in Tasting Room. Does anybody recognize the winery?

When it comes to wines, I call myself the Pinot Ho.  The Wineaux Guy™ calls himself a Syrah Slut.  What do you call yourself if it’s not a wine that you’re passionate about, but a “Wine Country”?  In this case, Paso Robles.  A Paso “harlot”?  Sounds a little too stuffy, cheesy, and old fashioned.  A Paso “groupie”?  Uhh… Maybe not.  I’ll think of something.  Like Paso “wife,” because I’m so committed – some would say married – to this town!

With that being said, how could I have missed him?  The Paso Wine Man is a delight, and although he doesn’t have many videos on YouTube, I stumbled across him via an email from Wine Spectator announcing the finalists in their Sixth Annual Video Contest.  I looked at all of the videos.  I don’t have the budget to even entertain the thought of entering this contest.  Because the videos are that damn good.

Very quickly – I went to the Wine Spectator Video Voting site and looked at all of them. Excellent.  Check them out and vote. You have till September 16.

The Paso Wine Man character has to have been influenced by The Most Interesting Man in the World of Dos Equis fame (yes, older men are quite sexy!)  Except instead of strange adventures around the world doing things like arm-wrestling bears or whatever, he has adventures in Paso Robles.  I watched the videos on YouTube (and subscribed), and laughed my way through them.  He’s a faux wine snob who really gets into what Paso Robles is about – great wines in a friendly, non-pretentious place.  This is actually an effort by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance which they began last year, and just restarted the videos again after a hiatus.

I encourage all Paso Robles fans to check out the videos. Oh hell, check them out even if you’re not a Paso Robles fan! They’re fun, well done, and surprisingly educational.  My favorite line in one of the videos:

Does a man have only one life? Yes.  One wife? Occasionally.  One wine? Preposterous!


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