And the hits just keep on comin’…

Those of us who live in Nevada sneer at California politics even while driving there every opportunity to grab food, wine, and some serious beach time. Yet now we find that we are united in the recent tragedies that have hit both states.

Firefighter silhouetted in Napa inferno. ABC News. CC

I’ve already written a little about the shooting and its immediate aftermath. And then the very next weekend, we watch as Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, and Anaheim – places as disparate in location as you can imagine – are almost literally getting blown away by fires. I am certain someone more qualified and closer to the conflagrations than I will write more in-depth coverage of the fires, so I will bow to their knowledge.

California lost some of its own in the shootings on October 1, from all up and down the state. While at the time of this writing I don’t know of any Nevadans who may have lost their lives in the California fires, we are still on edge waiting to see what the final outcome will be.

Those of us in the wine world are sending our thoughts and prayers to the wine folk while others are waiting to see what happens in Anaheim, which is in Southern California and where many of us have loved ones.

Here in Vegas, I’m pleased to say that there are several restaurants that have opened their hearts to the victims and first responders and are honoring them.

The Restaurants – So Far

Texas de Brazil helped to raise money for the National Compassion Fund on October 9 and 10. For every adult diner, $10 was donated to the nonprofit in support of the community; in this case, the shooting victims and families.

YardBird Southern Table & Bar, as a token of their appreciation, is offering complimentary meals this week through Thursday to uniformed first responders. In addition, YardBird team members also delivered food to blood donors at the convention center in the days immediately after. YardBird is in the Venetian.

Chica, also located within the Venetian, will be offering meals to uniformed first responders.

I know that there are more, but because of The Day Job™, I can’t quite get the time to find and list them all. However, as I receive information, I will update the list.

Next post – trying to get back to something approaching normality.







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