Let’s just say that November was a very bad month for me. It contained a lot of consoling, loving, grieving, hugging, and being a friend.  Being a friend was the most important of all of these.  I wish the circumstances had been different, but sometimes the best (or only) way to show friendship is during difficult times.

In between, however, was real life, and this time real life consisted of HenderZIN!  The fifth annual HenderZIN was held, as usual, at the parking lot at Khoury’s at 9915 S. Eastern in Henderson, NV. OF COURSE I had to be there!  Of course I had to take pictures! Of course!

Without going into a lot of detail – however hard it may be – let me do a quick overview of the day.

There were at least 30 Zinfandels there, along with a few other varietals and beer.  This year’s crowd was

larger than last year’s and the festivities went on far into the night.  I had a wonderful time hanging with friends old and new, tasting the wonderful wines, and just having fun.  Last year saw me interviewing people, photographing everything, videotaping, and more. This year I decided to take just a few pictures and then have fun.

If you haven’t made it to one of Khoury’s HenderZIN events, then mark your calendar for next year.  It is always at the end of October/beginning of November on a late Saturday afternoon.  There are Zins from all over; about two years ago, there was even a Zinfandel from New Zealand!  Several of my favorite Paso Robles Zins are always there, along with those from Sonoma and Napa. Luscious and wonderful, the iterations of the grape as demonstrated by the winemaker’s craft continue to astound me.

Enjoy the show!

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