Madeline's Logo - Cambria, CA
Madeline's Logo - Cambria, CA


I am always asking my friends to review restaurants, wineries, hotels, whatever, when they visit someplace new. I’ve also asked them to review wines whenever they taste a wine that is available or one that may not be available but shows that it may be worth laying down if you can get a newer vintage from the same winemaker. Okay. Actually, just review a wine and send me the review!

Believe it or not, not even The Wineaux Guy™ has ever sent me a written review. He has an amazing palate and ability to be able to perceive aromas, tastes, and sensations from good wines, and while he can talk through them as well as any Somm candidate, I can never get him to send his analyses to me.


madelines chefWell, my friends Rick and Jarlene went to Cambria, California – actually Paso Robles – for Rick’s special birthday. I won’t say how old he is, but let’s just say that he’s been around the block a time or two. Or several.

Madeline's Cellar
Madeline’s Cellar

They stopped at Madeline’s Restaurant & Wine Shop in Cambria and put a short but succinct review on Yelp. And they texted me! I was so happy to see it! Madeline’s isn’t a restaurant that I have visited before. In fact, when The Wineaux Guy™ and I stayed in Cambria a few years years back, we just visited the little breakfast restaurants there and never really considered staying for dinner. When we were ready for dinner, we went up 46E back to Paso Robles.

This now gives us a destination, and I will be sure to nag coax him into visiting it the next time we’re in the Central Coast. Not only are the reviews overwhelmingly positive on Yelp, but it’s Cambria’s #1 Restaurant Destination on TripAdvisor as well.

Here’s Rick’s 5-Star review!

A first class restaurant. Service is great and food is best I have had in this area.  I had the duck breast and this Chef does an awesome job. My wife had filet and it was perfect. Being from Vegas I tend to be picky, but I will put this up against any restaurant on the Strip and this chef against any in Vegas.

The Bananas Foster was the perfect finish.

Price was very reasonable for the meal we had.

Note to friends – Send me reviews, okay?!? They can be this short and it’s fine. Really!



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