Caution: Rant Ahead

The geniuses who decided to implement parking fees at the MGM apparently are of the same ilk as those politicians who think that by increasing taxes, they’ll get a lot more revenue in the coffers. People who don’t want to pay the taxes, however, will find a way not to do so.

Such is the case of the parking fees implemented on casino patrons last year. We – the locals – were spared having to pay the fees until December 29, when, according to the thought processes of the MGM Illuminati, locals would pay, too, therefore increasing their revenues by – get this! – millions.

Hahahaha! Delusional!

Inside the Aria. Gorgeous.
Inside the Aria on the Strip. Gorgeous.

Here’s the rub.

First of all, most locals I know rarely go the Strip unless it’s for business reasons (I’ve attended several conferences and training sessions for both Vegas Wineaux and The Day Job™), a special dinner or show, or because the relatives are in town. Otherwise, we tend to stay away. And now with parking fees in the range of $13 – $18, the Strip casinos have deluded themselves into thinking that locals would happily contribute to their bottom line.

Insert game show buzzer sound here.

Don’t get me wrong – with plans for a new stadium behind the Monte Carlo, sports teams bearing the Las Vegas moniker, and other highly touted events happening, I don’t blame them a bit. Get parking fees from tourists (who are used to paying for parking at other places anyway) who will be swarming into Vegas.  But no. matter. what., keep it free for the locals.

Red Rock Casino in Summerlin
Red Rock Casino. One of the best for locals!

The Locals’ Refuge

Have they never heard of locals casinos? 

First, it’s important to know that other casinos have been charging for parking for years.  If you go to downtown Vegas and use a casino parking structure, you will have to grab a ticket from the automatic parking arm thingie. 

But here’s the difference.

When you walk into any of those casinos, you can get your parking ticket validated, whether you gamble or not. Of course, if you’re not paying a ridiculous parking fee, you have more money to gamble! 

Simple economics!

One of the poolside courtyards at Caesar’s.

Et tu, Caesar?

Since my last post, it appears that Caesar’s Palace and the Wynn’s Casino group are joining the “gouge the customer” party. They, too, are planning to charge for parking. Like their prices aren’t already high enough! 

I love Caesar’s Forum Shops. High-end stuff at the appropriately high-end prices and great restaurant finds. It’s a fun place to be if you can keep the credit card in check. (If you decide to go anyway, check out Il Mulino, Joe’s Seafood, and Sushi Roku. Yum on steroids).

It will be sad bidding them adieu. But adieu it is.  In case the casinos haven’t noticed, they aren’t the only party in town.

The D

Downtown under the canopy is The D

Welcome! Locals

Wide open parking lots, great parking structures, and old-fashioned (i.e., free) valet service awaits you at the locals and off-Strip casinos.  In case you think that they are dingy little buildings without a lot of appeal, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Whether you visit The D or The Downtown Grandyou will enjoy Strip-level entertainment, food, and shows, and still have enough left over to enjoy the gaming. The Fremont Street Experience has become a must-visit destination in its own right.

More surprises are at the Green Valley RanchM Resort, and the Red Rock Casino, which are gorgeous world-class casinos that easily rival anything on the Strip, and they have the added advantage of actually liking, respecting, and inviting locals. I have visited all of them and enjoy them just as much (if not more than) the Strip casinos. Who, apparently, think that the locals are yokels. 

In fact, when our lives calm down to mere low-level chaotic bedlam, The Wineaux Guy™ and I are planning a special event at the M Resort.  Film at 11.

M Resort in Henderson
An actual TV-like kitchen located in the buffet at the M Resort.

That said, please take a read of this article by Wayne Allyn Root, another local journalist /reporter /politician /commentator on the state of parking in Las Vegas.  

And you thought I was mad….!

P.S. – If I am required to go to the Strip (business, etc.), say hello to my new best friend, Uber. The Strip casinos will never get a dime of parking “fee” from me. By the way, all the photos in this post are from my iPhone. I needed to make a point.





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