Just in case you’ve been wondering – and even if you haven’t – MirePoix Vegas has been on hiatus since the server issues earlier this year.  As a result, any and all posting about food has happened here on Vegas Wineaux.  Well, that wasn’t working for me. Let me tell you why.

I’m a “Featured Publisher” on Foodbuzz.  “Featured Publishers,” by the way, are those blog writers whose focus is on all aspects of food (including wine and beer!), and who have good writing skills.  So if you can sauté, braise, and render but have difficulty with punctuation and grammar, you probably won’t make it as a “Featured” publisher.  Well, I can manhandle an apostrophe or gut a gerund with the best of them!

I recently entered a contest on the best Foodbuzz food blogs out there (Project Food Blog) and didn’t make it past the first round.  Okay, neither did 1200 of my fellow publishers, but that’s beside the point.  I came to a gun fight armed with a cheese spreader and was doomed from the start, no matter how well I wrote about food.  Vegas Wineaux is about wine, wine, and more wine, with some food, travel, and personal stuff occasionally thrown in.  The competition, on the other hand, included career chefs who can write well. Wow.

Reenter MirePoix Vegas.

So what does this mean? What is MirePoix Vegas anyway?

MirePoix Vegas is a blog about food.  Whether I’m talking about an ethereal meal of caviar and truffles (ha! like that ever happens!), a really great restaurant experience, a new recipe, a new Food Network program, or just sharing how well organic beef hot dogs pair with a five dollar bottle of red (pretty damn good, by the way), it’s going to be about all aspects of the food experience.

The Foodbuzz Food Blog experience was humbling, to say the least.  However, the wonderful blogs I discovered out there during the first days of competition gave me both inspiration and focus.  Which means that I’m occasionally going to be sharing the discoveries I’ve made of some truly great food blogs out there, and I will be reviewing and linking to them so that you can discover them as well.

So, as I like to say, stay tuned for more!  MirePoix Vegas (MPV) will be up and running in about a week – yes, it’s *this close* to being completely finished – and we’ll be starting from scratch. I don’t plan to be grabbing old MPV stuff from the archives.  There will plenty of new stuff to start filling in the blanks.

You can now see a new tab on the top menu here that will link to MirePoix Vegas and open up in a new window.  Right now, you’ll only see a hated “Under Construction” sign if you click it.  We will be starting off absolutely “bare bones,” but will add more and more as time goes on.  And don’t be afraid to join in the conversations!

Food is, after all, a necessity that we can’t live without.  We can either eat to simply exist, or we can make food a part of the revelry of life. I prefer the latter.

I know, I know.  One more thing I need to keep me busy, right?  But that’s the joy of life and of sharing!  I hope that you enjoy MirePoix Vegas as we begin our second generation tentative steps in our reentry into the world of food.  Liberally sprinkled with wine, of course.


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