Far from finished, MirePoix Vegas is back up and running.  Most of the last few weeks have been spent in designing the layout, sweating over (and swearing at) code, figuring out plugins, and all the techy stuff I talked about before.  But that’s the purpose of MirePoix Vegas.  I mean, there’s Vegas Wineaux which talks about wine.  And, of course, approximately a gazillion and a half food blogs already out there, each screaming for attention.

So along I come with MirePoix Vegas, another one. Am I out of my mind?  Probably.  No new news there.  Not that it ever mattered anyway.

Seriously, MirePoix Vegas is about food.  But it’s not purely a cooking or review site.  I decided that I had too many mini-adventures with food to let them go unaddressed and unshared.  So here’s what’s coming up with MirePoix Vegas:

Local Joints

Every now and then I flat out don’t feel like cooking – or even opening the fridge – so I’ll stop at some, well, Local Joint to pick up something for dinner.  I may even stay and eat.  I will only share those Local Joints I really like.  Unless they’re pretty horrific, you won’t necessarily hear about them hear.  Why rave about mediocrity?

I’ve discovered that my readers really like to know about places other than those on the Strip.  If they know about the places that the locals frequent, that’s great for them, great for the restaurant, and great for the local economy.  No losers there!

Media Reviews

The first iteration of MirePoix Vegas had my take on a couple of Food Network, um, *issues.*  The ridiculous “whoosh” that “The Chairman” makes every time he even crooks a finger on Iron Chef America, and the whole concept of Chopped both got skewered (get it?).  And I still think they’re silly, although Chopped has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure.  My opinion of it hasn’t changed, but I’m fascinated by the efforts of truly talented chefs as they try to make good-tasting meals out of dreck ingredients.

I will be watching TV/DVR (so you don’t have to) and sharing my opinion of the programs that are being cranked out. Not always on Food Network, either.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of great programs out there that never see the light of the Food Network day.

In the Kitchen with Renie

Okay, so that’s a little too cheesy to be an actual title, but I had to throw that in anyway.  Hey! Have camcorder, will travel! So to speak. As a Featured Publisher on Foodbuzz, we’re occasionally challenged to use an Iron Chef-worthy secret ingredient for a special meal or event.  I decided that it’s time to start filming some of these kitchen adventures, and putting them online.  Believe it or not, they’re not always accompanied by wine!

Of course I won’t be filming a lot.  The day job takes up a lot of time, which means that the still camera will come out more as we go step by step through recipes.

These are just a few of the features that you’ll be seeing on MirePoix Vegas!  Click on the tab on the menu above, and your browser will open up a new tab or window at the MirePoix Vegas site.  Remember – it’s still very much a work in progress!

See y’all over there soon!


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