Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara
Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara

*Wine Bloggers Conference.

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Far from it. I’ve been very much earthbound with my nose in every wine book I can study, attending every blind tasting I can, and sharing reviewed wines with friends. My determination to acquire every possible wine certification that I can has taken on a life of its own as I continue my year of wine immersion.

One of the more exciting things that will be happening in my life this year is the Wine Bloggers Conference that will be held in July in Santa Barbara. I’m looking forward to this like you can’t believe!

This will be my first time attending the conference, and I’m doing it for several reasons. One, I want to meet my fellow bloggers and hope to meet some of the “stars” of wine blogging, such as Alder Yarrow and Tom Wark. Although, frankly, I have no idea if they’ll be there, but I’m hoping! Two, it’s in Santa Barbara. What.

And three, I get to spend several days in the southern part of the Central Coast, and I know that it will be days filled with fun, education, and great wine. If you’ve spent even a minute reading this blog, you already know that it’s one of my favorite wine regions.

While the actual conference doesn’t begin until July 11, I signed up for the pre-conference excursion which will have us in Paso Robles talking to winemakers and learning about the wines from the Wine Region of the Year. Does that fit me or what? According to the WBC (as it’s known), participants will be tasting upwards of 150 wines and interacting with about 50 winemakers thanks to the sponsorship of the Paso Robles Wine Alliance. I predict that I will have sore cheeks from grinnin’.

We will leave Paso Robles on the 10th to return to Santa Barbara, and then we’ll be immersed in some serious breakout sessions beginning on the 11th, focusing on wines, regions, pairings, and more. I’m all about lifelong learning, especially about those things that you have a passion for, and this couldn’t be a more perfect opportunity.

If real life doesn’t step in and throw in the proverbial monkey wrench, I will be enjoying those few days at the Wine Bloggers Conference in the Central Coast of California and counting it as a great working vacation. I will have camera(s) in hand and will be sharing every possible bit that I can with everyone.

It’s still about a month and a half away, and that makes me feel like a child waiting for Santa. Oh. Wait… I am waiting for Santa! More or less.

Stay tuned!


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