Pinot Grigio. Yeah I know. But I liked it anyway.

I wrote about The Strip a post or two ago, but before I start talking about Strip adventures, I thought I’d talk about My Las Vegas.

It’s difficult to believe that people can live very normal lives here, but it’s true.  I have a two-story condo that I share with my two furry roomies, Peaches and Angel. (Yes, my temporary roomie, Zach, is now a resident of Ashland, Oregon!) Around the corner from me – more or less – is a small Italian restaurant called Mezzo.

It was originally founded by one of my favorite local Chefs, Marc of Parma.  While it’s gone through several changes of ownership, each owner has focused on quality food, a small but distinctive wine list, friendly staff, and great experiences.

As a local in the truest sense of the word, I will stop here on my way home after The Day Job™ if I don’t feel like cooking and know that I may have that second glass of wine.  The last evening I was there was because I didn’t feel like cooking and wanted a nice meal.  As I settled in I noticed that jazz was playing softly in the background and a small cadre of guys were watching and coaching the football game on the single tv at the far end of the bar.  Does that sound like Cheers or what.Chef's Special Caprese

I sat at the bar as I usually do – still have yet to get an offer to be picked up; this is a quality place – and was greeted by my server, Hannah. Who just happens to be, by the way, from Montana. No joke. Fortunately, she has a good sense of humor about being called Montana, just like I have spent my entire life being asked if I ever heard the song “Good Night Irene.”  Never, I always reply.

I started the evening with a Chef’s special Caprese, which had nothing to do with traditional Caprese at all.  While it had large rounds of Mozzarella, it also had figs, pecans, tomatoes, avocados, and a balsamic glaze drizzle.  Along with a glass of 2013 Riff Pinot Grigio (yeah, I know. I usually hate PG. What.) it was the perfect appetizer.

Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon

I was kinda full, but I ordered the Steak Salad anyway, medium rare.  I had a glass of 2012 Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon, but when I sampled the  2006 Beaucannon Cabernet Sauvignon, there was no comparison. Oh well. The Smith & Hook was far too rambunctious and showed its youth. Wait. Let’s back up. Did I really say that?!?

I chatted a bit with Joe the Wine Director, and was home by 6:30-ish.  No dinner to cook, no dishes to wash. Maybe I should do this more often!

If you’re in the area of North Rancho, just stop by Mezzo – it has a lot more going on than you might think. For instance, there’s a Tobin James wine dinner coming up next week. You definitely won’t see that at your local fast food joint!

Mezzo Bistro and Wine
4275 North Rancho Drive #130
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(702) 944-8880

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence winner, too, by the way.






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