Okay, so I’m a little late getting this out. That’s okay.  Besides, I’m drinking a 2008 Realm Cellars the Falstaff Napa Red Blend wine (blend not on label; it’s big, luscious, tobacco-y, complex, dark fruited, and all too drinkable.) This is the second bottle I’ve had in as many months and felt that aside from my rapidly appreciating Kosta Browne Pinots, this was the best one to drink on such an auspicious holiday. And yeah, I know that the cover photo of this article is Siduri and not the Falstaff, but that’s okay.  It’s really only about the wine.

National Drink Wine Day – not to be confused with National Wine Day, which falls on May 25 – is celebrated not only for the drinking of wine, but for the historical, cultural, religious, relationship effect that wine has had on generations of human existence.  As well as saving humans from the dangers of water (something that fish, turtles, frogs, bacteria, seals, paramecia, newts, whales, and alligators mate and crap in every day), wine has been an icon of the most civilized countries for millennia. Along with recently discovered health benefits – okay recently as far as modern medicine is concerned since Hippocrates prescribed wine for many ailments millennia ago – some have been highlighted again and again as a partner in the human journey.

Wine is at the head of all medicines; where wine is lacking drugs are necessary. — Babylonian Talmud

Tonight I will raise a glass in honor of this day and encourage you to do the same.  Less you think I’m making stuff up, just Google National Drink Wine Day (which, if they had asked, I would have renamed “National Wine Drinking Day,” but they didn’t).  Hey! I’m weird that way!



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