What Kind of Bourbon? NOT Kentucky?!?

It’s National Bourbon Heritage Month, and it’s always a surprise for people to learn that Bourbon is America’s Whiskey, not just Kentucky’s. Although, arguably, Kentucky is said to have the best Bourbon.

Today I give a review of Two Bitch Bourbon, made here in Nevada. Yes. Nevada.

I purchased this Bourbon at Spirits & Spice, an incredible little store in the Venetian. The store startlingly shares similarities to Big Horn Olive Oil Company, which is a little closer to Casa Wineaux™.

I have several Bourbons that I hope to review before the month is over. I almost bought a Texas Bourbon, but its price almost knocked me over. That said, I hope to compare two stellar Kentucky Bourbons, Four Roses and Buffalo Trace, and an Alabama Bourbon (which isn’t *exactly* from Alabama) to the Two Bitch Nevada Bourbon and give my honest, if fledgling, opinion. I like what I like.



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