My new adventure – so to speak – is video.

Okay, so video’s not so new.  But regular video for me is a brand-new adventure.  Let me explain.

As I state in the video, my love of writing has been tempered a little by the amount of work at the day job and “real life” sagas.  Often I will get home and just fall in one spot and stay there until I absolutely must move.  But several things have happened which have allowed me to reformat my life.

One, my mom isn’t in need of the daily visits as she was; or, more accurately, as I needed to do. She’s comfortable while she’s still in recovery mode and if everything goes as planned, she will be home under nursing care by year’s end. Meanwhile, I take her home-cooked meals, smoothies, and the occasional sip of wine (she prefers German Rieslings, by the way) and she’s pretty content with her iPhone. Don’t ask.

Two, because work stress had been causing some health issues, I finally followed my doctor’s orders and began to de-stress and have decided to follow a regular workout schedule. Although a slight shoulder injury is keeping me from the weights, my daily morning walk is doing a lot to relax me.

I have set up a little video studio of sorts in my spare bedroom/office, and have been very pleased with the test shots.  So I finally did a “real” video with a “real” intro, and because doing a video is so easy, will be doing many more of them. What I mean by “easy” is I can say more stuff than I can write. At least I can say more stuff that people may actually listen to than they will read. In theory, that is.

My first endeavor is the video that you see below.  I’ve spent the last several months – most of this year, actually – listening to a variety of wine-and-food related podcasts.  While a few have been stellar, many more, frankly, haven’t.  Some are great, some are good, many are mediocre, and all too many good ones are abandoned. That is, the owners/producers haven’t updated their podcasts in well over a year.  What I have done is mention some of those that have been abandoned and those that kept up to date.  Some of the up-to-date podcasts have quite a following and show exemplary production quality. Some are in people’s homes, and while the production values may be lacking, the information isn’t.

I hope that I was able to encourage you to seek out your favorite wine podcasts, and I hope that you share them.  Honestly, I wasn’t able to listen to each and every one, and I would love to see the hidden jewel revealed.  So don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some to share.

Oh! And before you even ask, NO, I will not be doing any podcasting!  I like listening to them too much!


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