So what are “Daily Drinkers”? Those are the wines that you just pop, pour, and enjoy without a hit to the budget.  Does this mean cheap wines a là Two Buck Chuck?

Not at all! It means that with a little attention to regions and styles, you can find a favorite to enjoy on a regular basis.

While it’s true that you can generally find good buys at the local megamart – although those are often quite overpriced –  you can also find screaming deals in your favorite local wine shop which can sometimes be the less expensive, preferred choice.

Just like most folks, I like a buy whenever and wherever I can find one.  My budget gets upset with me whenever I do something silly (in its opinion, at least) such as purchase a “you paid how much?!?” bottle of wine or have the nerve to open said bottle in order to actually drink it.

So to keep my wallet happy and my pouting budget under control, I’ve been searching for wines that are budget friendly, easy to find, ready to drink, and tasty.  My search has taken me to several go-to favorites including Costco, Trader Joe’s, Fresh & Easy, and even – shock! – Whole Foods. (Motto: Why Pay Less?). In addition, I’ve found great wines at some of my favorite local wine shops, Marché Bacchus and Khoury’s.

My goal is to prove that it’s possible to find truly good wines that are enjoyable for about $15, give or take.  When I find one that’s a great buy and tasty, I will share it with you. What that means is that these wines are available now and ready to drink.  I will tell you where I found them so that you can check them out immediately. These wines will have everything I look for in a casual wine: great appearance, aroma, and flavor. What else do you need!

Remember, this price point rarely means that there will be complexity or an ethereal, out-of-body experience awaiting you.  I call these “TV Wines,” “Reading Wines,” or “Social Wines,” wines that you can share with folks who enjoy wine but are normal in comparison to your wine geek friends. No offense to wine geeks out there, but let’s face it, we are a different type of folks!

It’s important to note that although these wines may get a higher rainy than “better” wines, it’s only because I include the QPR (Quality/Price Ratio) in the mix.  So a wine that may be only okay at $25.00 suddenly becomes outstanding at $12.00. If the wine would have ordinarily been rated at, say, 8.5 points, the fact that it’s a screamin’ deal makes the points go upward and the wine may score in the 9.0 (A, A+) region because of it.  We don’t like being ripped off. If we have a wine that’s only decent but it cost upwards of $50, we may either feel ripped or disappointed.  If a really good wine barely breaks two digits, then we’re ecstatic.

So enjoy!  And I hope that this new feature is helpful to you as you search for those Daily Drinkers!



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