November 2012 Note:  Because I got hacked back-to-back times, I have temporarily retired Front Fenders & Gum.  Hope to have it up and running after the new year.


I’d like to introduce you to a new member of the Vegas Wineaux blog family.  Now this blog is in no way related to wine, food, or even photographs of same, but it’s a part of my adventures, and I thought I’d share it.

As I’ve become older, I’ve noticed that body parts that used to be firm well, *aren’t* any more.  My waistline has done a disappearing act at the same time that my thighs have turned into those of the thunder variety.  My behind has its own zip code, and I could fly with the wings I’ve grown on my triceps.  This former jockette has deteriorated and was getting sick and tired of it.

I knew I wanted to do something to get fit, but my options have been few.  I gave up my membership at the health club because – at least in my estimation – standing in line to wait for a machine to be available is *not* exercise.  Trying to figure out what the weird substance is on the bench I’m getting ready to lay on to do bench presses is also out of my realm.  Two mornings of brisk power walking resulted in three mornings icing my bum knee.  I needed to do something, so I began to search for other options.

I finally decided on biking, but memories of the painful seats in the spinning class made me hesitate.  Then while driving to work one day I saw a man riding a recumbent bike down the street, and I went nuts.  It took a few months of investigation and research, but I’m now a recumbent triker.  That’s right. Triker. As in three wheels.  I’ve returned to my toddlerhood.

Okay, not exactly.  I decided on a “Tadpole” trike; that’s a trike that has two wheels in the front and one in the back. As a recumbent, it gives me comfort and a literal laid back riding style. I love it.

While HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) land speed records have been set by both recumbent bikes and trikes, there’s not much danger of that happening with me.  My trike is not a super-sexy, speedy, zooming type. It’s what I call a “moseying” trike.  I take my time and pedal at a speed that would make any fledgling geezer(ette) proud.  While others do bike racing, I enjoy the scenery, the ride, and the knowledge that I’m doing good stuff for me.  Who knows. I may yet recover my once smokin’ hot legs.

With that being said, I do have to share that I will be riding in my first “event” next month on October 15. For charity!  It’s called Viva Bike Vegas, and I will be doing the shortest of the three route options.  Of course.

So I hope to see you at Front Fenders ‘n Gum at some time, and be sure to leave a comment.  The strange name will make perfect (okay. *maybe* not *perfect*) sense when you read my story.  And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit MirePoix Vegas and the Gallery as well.  Just click FFnG on the menu above and hang out.  There’s only a few posts, but it’s a fun beginning and feeds my writing jones.

Next post: Napa Cab!


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