Uh. The clouds don't look too promising!
Uh. The clouds don’t look too promising!

It started out pretty promising. I had a couple of extra tickets which I gave to a Vegas Wineaux wine club member. She went with friends on Saturday, October 3, and had a fabulous time. There were vendors, the famous Grape Stomp contest, winetasting, and all out general fun.

Wow. This looked promising, and I couldn’t wait to go the next day.

The next day, Sunday, October 4, started out looking not so good. It was a little overcast and on the way into Pahrump, the clouds looked angrier and angrier, and it began to drizzle a bit. My friend Jarlene and I looked at each other and just hoped for the best. When we got to the Pahrump Valley Winery, it was really starting to rain. We were able to get a really good parking spot because we were there a little early, and then we rushed into the winery tasting room just when the skies started to open up.

Other people started showing up, and grape stomping hopefuls kept peering out the door to see if the weather changed.

And then all hell broke loose.

The rain came down in torrents. Even then, Bill wasn’t so sure if he would cancel the day’s events, because there was a miniscule chance that the rain might stop.

But when lightning struck the stage where the Grape Stomp was supposed to take place, Bill came back into the winery, did the classic cut across the throat, and said “Everything is canceled!”  Apparently they have this thing about valued customers getting skewered by lightning bolts.

Pahrump Grape Stome - 9All was not lost however. Jarlene and I stayed, shared a bottle of their amazing Barbera, and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Afterwards, we explored the grounds since the rain had tapered off by then, and I had a great time photographing the flora (and the buildings!).

Naturally, we got home much earlier than we had planned, and we were disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to have fun with the day’s events.  Because we weren’t on a Grape Stomp “team,” we were nevertheless looking forward to the Stomp as well as seeing what the various vendors had to offer. By the way, it was pretty painful watching them dismantle their booths in the rain. Of course, when they were taking everything down, the primary storm had passed and the steady rain was all that was left.

According to Gretchen, this was the first time that they had been rained out in all of the years they’ve been having a grape stomp. Naturally, it would occur on the very first day that I wanted to attend!


Oh well! Let’s hope for better news next year! Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!




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