Little did I know that I wouldn’t be the only one excited about my trip. Thanks so much for your feedback. You’re excited too!

I just found out yesterday that I lost my reservation to an apartment I had acquired for my week-long stay. Needless to say, I’m more than a little miffed – apparently the owner is taking it off of the market for the greater part of the year.

So I’m in search of another place to rent.  Something as insignificant as not having a roof over my head won’t deter me from visiting Paso!  Unless, of course, it rains a lot and I’ve done my hair.

As I sit and try to figure out my itinerary, I decided that I want to do something that will allow me to work in a winery/tasting room/vineyard for a day or two. Maybe something as simple as pouring for customers for a day or something as complex as helping with the bottling process. Obviously harvesting grapes isn’t possible in May, which I think would be fun (easy for someone who doesn’t actually *do* it to say), but I expect that most winemakers won’t be up for picking their baby grapes.  Just sayin’.

Paso Robles Springtime Scenery

So my actual vineyard/winery activity planning is temporarily on hold while I seek other digs.  The requirements? Small, inexpensive, clean, with a kitchen.  Which automatically eliminates the hotels around the area.  Since I’m going to be there for such a long time, I don’t want to spend it eating in restaurants.  At least not every day, especially since there are Farmers Markets everywhere.  And it’s Central California. Isn’t there some sort of “breadbasket” quote somewhere to describe the area?

So I’ll continue to keep y’all posted.







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