When your mouth hurts from tasting too much wine, it’s okay to take a break. And to my friends who can’t grasp the concept of “too much wine,” believe me, that can be a thing. “Tasting” wine can make you hurt. Badly.

Deb and I decided to take a beach day after spending five days in Santa Maria and Paso Robles. Not only did we need it for a budgets’ sake, but the idea of watching the elephant seals and enjoying the ocean water and sea breeze was too much to resist.

We went to San Simeon, Cambria, Cayucos, and Morro Bay, where we stopped to eat and shop. It was overcast and beautiful, and I’m sure that if I walked like that every day, I’d rediscover and reclaim my waistline.

It was a day of relief from the wineries and we got to do some tourist level sight-seeing. Wonderfully fresh seafood, the wind from the sea (even when standing on the pier above the elephant seals), the quiet, and enjoying the beach turned into a wonderful day. Although we did some wine tasting later that afternoon and evening, it was fun enjoying the change of pace. Enjoy!

And a couple of very short vids.

Elephant Seal Swimming

The Beach at Cambria


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