I took the “long way” from Vegas to Paso Robles via the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, and loved every minute of it except for the speeding ticket part. As I noted in the other post, I left very early knowing that I had a long, long drive ahead of me.

So worth it.

All of the “road” photos were taken with my iPhone 6 Plus through the curved front windshield of the car which, because California has zillions of flying bugs, became increasingly more blurred as the trip progressed. There were no filters or special lenses used except on the panoramic view of Refugio Beach when I used a polarizing filter (via my Ztylus lens cartridge and case) to take that stunning photo.

The others were taken with my Panasonic Lumix G6 which I used to make all of the beach videos. Many of the photos were cleaned up a little with Photoshop; otherwise, they’re all untouched camera/iPhone.

I’m especially happy that I had the presence of mind to stop at Refugio State Beach and take some footage and photos just days before the horrific and inexcusable oil spill. While not all of the pics appear here, this is how I found it and how wild and beautiful it was.  I’m still at a loss as to why a random pipe could just suddenly “spill” into those beautiful, once-pristine waters.

The entire trip was graced by fluffy clouds and impossibly blue skies.  I drove with the windows down as soon as I knew I was near the ocean and just inhaled.  My lungs loved me for it.

Well, here’s my 12 hours in six and a half minutes.  Be sure to click on the full-screen button for the full impact of the experience. Enjoy!